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SpeedyPC Pro Registry Cleaner Review

speedy pc pro box imageThe SpeedyPC Pro registry cleaner is the enhanced version of the SpeedyPC software. This more robust, comprehensive, and faster version is undoubtedly one of the more powerful and effective programs for general computer maintenance currently available in the market. It is compatible with Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit, and Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.

For those who don’t know, a computer system, even the most advanced and expensive models, can perform slower than normal, freeze, become inconsistent, or worse, crash, due to a wide array of reasons. The Speedy PC Pro program is capable of solving these typical computer performance issues in a fast and more efficient manner. It will only take users several minutes to download the program, install it in their PC, scan their system to find the root cause of the issue, and consequently fix the issue.

Features of Speedy Pc Pro:

Although a powerful registry cleaner software will be enough for most computer performance problems, the developers behind Speedy PC Pro took the software several notches ahead with the incorporation of other robust tools you can use for a wide range of PC issues. These tools are capable of the following:
  • cleaning registry and ActiveX errors
  • eliminating active malware
  • cleaning up pc clutter
  • stopping random and useless processes
  • improving startup
  • removing private files for user protection and unnecessary browser add-ons
  • optimizing computer memory by defragging
  • managing restore points
  • looking for programs that can open unidentified file extensions

To be more specific, Speedy PC Pro is capable of carrying out the following tasks:

Taking care of a wide array of system issues:

The proper and optimum operation of a computer system is actually dependent to some extent on the Windows registry. The Windows Registry is a complex and huge database of settings, app controls, and preferences, and corruption and issues with this vital PC component more often than not results in various error messages, sluggish PC performance, instability, and other issues to name a few.

To address this issue, SpeedyPC pro scans your system to get rid of ActiveX, uninstall entries, shared dlls, shell extensions, file path references, startup entries, and application paths among others.

Eliminating various kinds of computer threats:

Malware are malicious programs that enter your system without your knowledge and try to masquerade themselves as legit computer programs. Some malware types include those that control your computer to use it for malicious purposes, while others attempt to steal critical user information like passwords and banking details among others. Other dangerous threats include worms, spyware, dialers, Trojans, viruses, rogue-ware, ad-ware, and key-loggers, etc. When the PC is scanned with SpeedyPC Pro, these threats will be easily found and removed.

Cleaning up computer junk:

Computer systems are designed to process and save a whole lot of information and in time, it will eventually be cluttered with temporary files and other unnecessary junk items that will take up considerable computer space if not addressed early. Additionally, since your web browser is no doubt the most used application in your PC, it gets pretty cluttered fairly easily with BHOs or browser helper objects, also called browser add-ons.

Admittedly, some add-ons are actually important if you want a more enriched browsing session, but some are pretty much useless and can actually slow down your browser’s performance. The SpeedyPC Pro registry cleaner does a great job of finding these junk items and browser add-ons to clean up your system and optimize system performance.

Efficiently managing PC resources:

Although your computer system is designed to process a lot of things simultaneously, its general performance and speed may be hampered if your computer’s resources are not efficiently managed or allocated. This registry cleaner program also looks out for unwanted running processes that use up resources you need for other important tasks. It also addresses issues with long startup times by providing a useful Startup Manager that allows users to pick among which processes and programs will be allowed to run upon startup.

Optimizing memory:

The PC is designed to store the information it processes in various storage areas as it sees fit. Because of this, parts of a single file may be spread throughout various memory stores without you knowing. Once you click on a file you want to use, your PC will begin tracking down all stored parts and reconstruct them for your use. This process actually takes a significant amount of time. On the other hand, regular defragging of your system’s memory will ensure that your files’ divided parts will be stored in adjacent sections which in turn results in faster reconstruction, recall, and more memory.

Safeguarding user privacy:

SpeedyPC Pro effectively eliminates traces of sensitive and private user information such as confidential user details, passwords, and banking details to name a few. This is very important since if a malicious user gains access to your PC, he’ll know important stuff about you which can be used for fraud, phishing scams, and identity theft among others.

Effectively handling restore points:

This comprehensive registry cleaner program also aids in deleting old restore points and creating new ones for future reference. PC restore points are like images or records of your settings in a given moment and are useful in cases where you accidentally tweaked a setting or installed something that resulted in errors. On the other hand, older ones won’t be of much help and only take up valuable space.

Aiding in opening unidentified file extensions:

Because of the plethora of file formats and types you come across in your daily computing life, it can be quite bothersome at times when you come across one you can’t open. As a solution, SpeedyPC Pro integrated a tool that will be handy in finding the right program to open a specific unknown file type.

Our Conclusion on Speedy PC Pro:

Overall, SpeedyPC Pro registry cleaner packs in a host of handy, user-friendly features and additional tools that can be used even by individuals not really that familiar with computer optimization. Add to that it's easy to use interface, scanning speed, an excellent support staff, and the much welcome option of a free trial and you can’t go wrong.

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